Strawberry Scones

Do you remember the raisin scones I made two weeks ago? I do! I enjoyed them so much…I just had to bake […]

Chocolate Crazy Cake

I’m going crazy over this chocolate crazy cake! No eggs, no butter, no milk…no problem! This crazy cake, or wacky cake, dates […]

Apple Pie Roll Ups

These quick and easy apple pie roll ups totally satisfied my craving and they’re easy as pie to make! The apple filling […]

Valentine Lavash Candy

Gimme some sugar…and some butter, let’s make a batch of lavash candy! I’m sweet on this simple, quick lavash candy. It comes […]

Lemon Meringue Pie

It’s a Valentine Baking Collab and I’m adding a little zest to my V-Day treat! My Valentine likes his sweet treats freshly […]