Hi! I’m Isis and I love food…all food! I like it to be delicious and I like it to be pretty!

I discovered that I really had a love for cooking when I was asked to cater my husband’s first independent film set.  During production, I realized that there was a need to feed a variety of lifestyles, so I love experimenting with dishes that are paleo, vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, gluten free and dishes that have no rules. I have no food prejudices and understand that healthy means something different to everyone!

I enjoy learning new things and trying food that I haven’t had before. Often, I’m reading about the history of a specific dish or comparing the differences between similar foods from different cultures. In addition to sharing recipes with you, I’ll provide some food related information that I have found to be the most entertaining!

I’ve always had a very literal sense of humor and I get a kick out of all the food idioms we use. Here are a few idioms that I’ve taken literally and made into a recipe…enjoy!

When life gives you lemons
Eggs in one basket
Butter me up

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