Cheesy Chicken Ham Panini

Chicken, ham and so much cheese! These cheesy chicken ham panini are wrapped in Markook flatbread and grilled to a perfect crisp…these […]

Easy Baba Ganoush

So much fun to say…and even more fun to eat! This easy Baba ganoush changed the hubby’s mind about eggplant! My hubby […]

Lentil Hummus

Quick, easy and delicious hummus…made with lentils, so yummy! Grab those lentils that have been hiding in your cupboard…we’re making them into […]

Kale Pesto

This kale pesto tastes fresh and delicious and since I’m not adding any parmesan,  it’s vegan and paleo! I may not always […]

Pastry Cream

Thick, rich, creamy…pastry cream! My youngest son just turned 11 years old. Happy birthday Jeremy! Each year, I make the cake of […]

Easy Homemade Hummus

Super simple and delicious homemade hummus… This hummus is so yummy, I could easily eat an entire batch of this all by […]