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Wine & Whimsy

Wine & Whimsy_PosterAt the beginning of 2016, I was asked to do the cooking for the cast and crew of Wine & Whimsy.  It looks like I’ve done something right on the last two films!

This time around, not only do I get to feed everybody on set, my dishes also play a supporting role on camera!

Here’s a production still starring my very own Chicken Parmesan and it’s partner Panzanella! I’ve been told that no flavors were hurt in the black and white making of this film!

Photo Credit: Marie Gregorio-Oviedo

The hubby’s plan is to film this one on weekends, over the course of several months, so the rush that I’ve felt with the last two films has been totally nonexistent! I get to relax all week and think about what I’m going to cook up for the next day of production.  Not only that, but this film has a smaller cast and crew than the previous two films. I’m cooking for a maximum of 10 people on any given film day. I typically use the day before filming to do my shopping and then make my way into the kitchen for some baking up of breakfast goodies and preparing the main course that will be shown on screen along side the wine of the week. Of course, when the food leaves the house on the way to set it’s packed in bulk and isn’t quite camera ready. On set, after being plated and before being ravished, I hear the meals are quite a dish!

Wine & Whimsy is currently in production with just a couple days of filming remaining. As this venture draws to a close, I’m already excited about the possibility of what comes next!

Please enjoy a before and after photo from home to set…

Food Pictures

Before – Pork tenderloin being packed up for it’s journey to set

Wine & Whimsy Pork Tenderloin Before Plating

After – Pork tenderloin plated and ready for the camera!

Wine & Whimsy Pork Tenderloin Cast Meal

Another awesome shot from Marie the photographer

Roasted beef with creamy horseradish, mashed potatoes, green beans and carrots…it didn’t look this good when it left my kitchen!

Wine & Whimsy Roast Beef Cast Dinner

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